April 28, 2020

Digital Book Tour: Laura Lam on Goldilocks, a scifi thriller where a group of women steal a spaceship to save humanity

Welcome to our inaugural Digital Book Tour, featuring Laura Lam, author of Goldilocks. Five women steal a space ship to save a human race beset upon by climate change, even while society doesn't believe they should be able to work due to their gender.

Our host Bee interviews Laura about genre conventions, found family, what to do when your novel becomes unexpectedly relevant, and eating algae. Laura also does a few short readings from the upcoming book.

Goldilocks is available for pre-order now, and will be released on May 5th. 


* Goldilocks on bookshop.org 

* Laura's Instragram, featuring live events w/ Laura

* Laura's patreon, featuring writing about crafts, writing, & more



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