August 6, 2019

Critical Conversations: “Critics: Endgame” by Soraya Roberts & the purpose of criticism in a dying world

This is the first in a new series of episodes we're calling "Critical Conversations", where we take a critical work & discuss it in-depth. 

This time, Matt & Adrian discuss the article "Critics: Endgame" by Soraya Roberts & published in Longreads (

Roberts asks what the purpose of pop culture criticism is in 2019, when fascism is ascendant and global warming is killing the planet, particularly criticism that is itself fandom. It's a critical essay which is critical of criticism, which ends up being a vital way for us to being talking about what we do on the podcast. Is it all too meta? Maybe! But it's the kind of thing we love talking about, so maybe you'll enjoy hearing us talk about it (and if not, we'll have a new pre-read next week so stay tuned for that).

A few of the resources we mention in the episode: 

* "Stay in your lane" originator: 

* Matt's current favorite critic: & his twitter: 

* Adrian's current favorite critic: & their twitter: & their patreon:

* Another critical work about art vs. criticism we touch on: & his twitter: 

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