August 13, 2019

17.1: The Killing Moon pre-read: Worldbuilding techniques in SF & Fantasy

Hey folks! Short description bc it's already very late & I'm trying to get this out. I may update this later w/ more info, check in the next day or two if you'd like more links to all the other books we mention. 

The book this month is The Killing Moon by NK Jemisin! It's a great book, potentially my favorite of hers.

Matt & I spend a very long time talking about worldbuilding, different ways of doing it, books we love that do it well, etc.. It's quite the pre-read. Also, we're having some technical difficulties due to travel, so the sound is listenable but not to our usual standards. We should be better next episode, & back to normal next month.

The connected short story I mentioned ("The Narcomancer") is available as a podcast here:

NK Jemisin's worldbuilding presentation is available here:

And finally, her patreon is:


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Many thanks to Dubby J and Noah Bradley for doing our music and art.


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