April 15, 2019

13.2: Dark Eden post-read w/ Kevin Kelsey: From Stories to Legends to Myths to Religion.

We're once again joined by Kevin Kelsey of Heradas.com to discuss Dark Eden, by Chris Beckett (https://amzn.to/2TRcpX0). We've (re-)read this book and all loved it, and have a lot to dig into!

We talk about the political philosophy of the book. We discuss the psychological reality of the characters. Adrian rants about poverty for 5 minutes and why this book is personal for him, so that's on-brand. It's worth heeding the content warnings on this one, we talk in-depth about that stuff in the 2nd hour. 

A few of the resources we mention:

- The sequels, Mother of Eden & Daughter of Eden—worth reading!
- NK Jemisin's review of Dark Eden in the NY Times 
- Our own episodes on Semiosis 
- The Cold Equations by Tom Godwin 
- Critique of The Cold Equations by Cory Doctorow
Chris's Q&A on the SF Book Club subreddit 
- And if you're in the UK, pre-order Beckett's new book, Beneath the World, A Sea 

(As always, links are at spectology.com if they don't show up in your podcatcher. And if I missed something mentioned in the episode, tweet at us and I'll find it for you.)


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