January 29, 2019

10.2: Ten Billion Days & 100 Billion Nights post-read: Meditations on Death and Entropy

This week Adrian & Matt have finished this month's novel (Ten Billion Days & 100 Billion Nights) and have a whole lot to say about it! We talk about entropy, death, religion, and more. I'd write more but I'm tired so you'll just have to listen.

Some critical reviews of the novel we liked & mentioned:

* Strange Horizons (http://strangehorizons.com/non-fiction/articles/the-strange-horizons-book-club-ten-billion-days-and-one-hundred-billion-nights/)
* Complete Review (http://www.complete-review.com/reviews/trscifi/mitsuser.htm
* Two Dudes in an Attic (https://twodudesff.wordpress.com/2012/04/22/10-billion-days-100-billion-nights/

Anime worth checking out:

* Akira 
* Ghost in the Shell 
* Princess Mononoke 
* The Girl Who Leapt Through Time 
* Neon Genesis Evangelion 


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